Email us pictures, web sites, and/or notes about what you're up to. We'll add the information to this web site. Please show your name & "Class of 63" in the subject line.
Judi (Mulligan) Dempsey & Dan Dempsey in 2007 while at a friend's wedding.

Their business "Dempsey Steel Pipe Company" is located in their home town of Walden, New York. Visit the link to read a fascinating story about how the business came to be. They also operate a Bed & Breakfast. Busy couple!

Judi attended the 50th Reunion in October 2013. What a delight to have her with us. She helped so much in making the event successful. Thanks Judi!

See the links page to watch their Daughter Jill & Granddaughter Claire in a video for Guidecraft Kitchen Helper.
This picture is of Roger Thelander standing on the suspension bridge over the Reedy River in Greenville, South Carolina.
Roger was a member of our Steering Committee for the 44th reunion before he moved out of State. We were all thrilled when he traveled back to California to attend our 50th Reunion and brought his lovely Wife Marty.

John Arivizu, Dr. of  Optometry in Gilroy,  wrote a documentary titled "Building California - 200 Years of Arvizu History", which traces his family as they migrated to California from Mexico. The book includes some beautiful photography. You can purchase his book at Barnes & Noble. Read an article about the book in the Gilroy Dispatch.
John joined us for the 50th Reunion.
Vermillion Skies (the first in a series of books) was written by Patsy Didway Robison's Grandson, Preston Robison. Patsy's Son painted the cover. You can order the book at
Click here to see and hear an interview with Preston by KGET TV.
We have a few very interesting articles on this page about your fellow classmates. We hope you enjoy reading the information and viewing the pictures.

Alumni Ray Anderson graduated from Mt. Sac and Cal State LA with a major in history, and minor degrees in psychology and biology. He worked for 34 years with the California Dept. of Transportation as a Government Agent/Analyst. Ray is married to a Burbank Disney girl.   

The Wells Fargo photo of Ray shown above is from the annual Old Sacramento Gold Rush Festival, held every Labor Day weekend. Anyone interested in our western & gold rush history should visit. It's a fantastic 3 day festival celebrating our California heritage with lots of characters dressed in costumes, old west wagons, cavalry, gunfighters, etc.  

Ray has kept busy working on his photography and internet skills.

Visit his site here where he posts a variety of his wonderful  photo-music slide shows (he is quite a talented photographer) or here where he posts some of his photos of the West. Ray welcomes all of you to email him to share experiences, photos or whatever.  

When someone meets Bev, they've met someone special, giving & caring. Bev taught school most of her career &
continues to substitute teach whenever needed. She brightens any space with her presence. She keeps up with the activities of the Class of 1963 & is a great historian. She applied her knowledge, kindness, & devotion as Chairperson of both our 44th year reunion in October 2007 & the 50th Reunion in 2013.

One cannot help but admire the courage & perseverance Bev shows in the face of challenges & difficult circumstances. She is always positive & takes the time to share a smile with those around her. She is giving in her time to others; especially to those whom she cares about deeply. She accepts others unconditionally & always has something worthwhile to say. In Bev, you can always find the silver lining behind each cloud.

In the time we've known Bev, we've learned to stop & count our blessings. In Bev, one can always feel cared for & loved. Thanks for being you Bev. We appreciate you and your leadership.

Your 1963 BPHS Reunion Committee & Classmates
The NFL's Dallas Cowboys Football Team has no better Faithful Fans than our Classmate Patsy Didway Robinson and her "Class of 60" Sister Marie Didway Delia. They had shirts made this year about Jerry Jones (owner, president, and general manager of the Cowboys).

This picture of Patsy (left) and her Sister, Marie was taken at the 2012 Cowboys Football Training Camp. The two girls were selected as True Blue Fan Club members of the day in Oxnard in July/August 2012. No one loves the Cowboys more than Patsy & Marie. Go Cowboys!